The mission of the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) is
to allow the members of the University’s worldwide alumni
community to strengthen its bonds of fellowship; to sustain the
connection between them and the University; to act as a means
through which they can contribute their collective knowledge
and perspective to the life of the University; and to develop
from their ranks effective and responsive leadership.

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  • commented 2017-11-23 15:14:51 +0800
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  • commented 2015-05-12 17:37:20 +0800
    1. Do not download or distribute data for non-Columbia purposes
    2. Be civil. No personal attacks.
    3. Respect everyone’s time. No spam.
    4. 1 account per person.
    5.Update your profile to better connect.
    6 If you’re not affiliated with Columbia University, don’t join.
    7. 1 account per person.
    8. Be civil. No personal attacks.
    9. Respect everyone’s time. No spam.

    Some rules are the same, such as 47 28 39. Admin update context in host, please. Thank you.
  • commented 2015-05-12 17:30:31 +0800
    Hello, test. :-)